Evaporator Antiscalants

Scale Inhibitor For Sugar Evaporator

(Falling-Film / Distillation Coloumn / Pan)


HYDROX antiscalants solutions for the evaporator application to control a variety of scales for reduce the amount of cleaning chemicals used during the cleaning cycle and also reduce the time needed to clean the unit, leading to a shorter downtime and allow your site to resume production sooner.  


HYDROX SV series are especially offers low molecular weight PAA, PMA, PVA and polyacrylates that proven to be effective in preventing silica scale formation in sugar factory evaporators.


Juice purification

Phospho-defecation with clear juice sulfitation

● High calcium phosphate content in first effects : soft scale

● High calcium sulfite content in the second effect

● High calcium sulfate content in last effects : hard scale

● High content of silicate in last effects : very hard scale


Products Chemistry Applications TDS SDS

    Evaporator Antiscalants

    HYDROX* AS-N Sodium Salt of Polyacrylic Acid

    HydroX- AS-N is a neutralized, aqueous solution of a polyacrylic polymer effective inhibition of the common types of scale encountered in Industrial environments e.g. in sugar juice evaporators.

    HYDROX* FK Sodium acrylate copolymer in water

    HyDrox-FK is a highly more effective organic low molecular weight homo polymer liquid scale inhibitor used to inhibit formation of scale in evaporators, vacuum pans and juice heating equipment’s. It is very effective for inhibiting calcium carbonate, phosphate, silicates, oxalate and other scale forming element in sugar juice.

    HYDROX* FK+ Low molecular weight polycarboxylic acid

    HYDROX FK+ is aliquid scale inhibitor that prevents scale in multiple-effect evaporators. Can also effective in single-effect, vapor-recovery evaporators, reboilers and distillation columns where scaling is a common problem.

    HYDROX* FK25 Organophosphonate & Homo/copolymer

    HydroX-FK25 is an organic phosphonate and polymer based scale inhibitor used to minimize the scale formation on heat transfer surfaces of the evaporator bodies. HydroX-FK25 does not allow scale formation like calcium oxalate, calcium and magnesium carbonates, sulfates, phosphates and silicates by the threshold phenomenon.

    HYDROX* SV2 Homopolymers, copolymers and terpolymers

    HydroX-SV2 is a highly effective multi-polymer based blend used to controlling silica and silicate fouling problems in evaporators, vacuum pans and juice heating equipment’s. It’s a proprietary specialty scale inhibitor and dispersant for silica and magnesium silica.