Antifoam & Defoamers

Antifoaming & Defoaming Agents 


Synmac antifoam and defoaming products are adapted exactly to the requirements of the different stages in sugar production. Often each part of process needs an individual antifoam formulation.The dosage of antifoam products is carried out in order to achieve not only destruction of already existing foam, but also prevention of foam generation. ​


Our AviFoam* and SynFoam* series specifically designed water-based, silicone and non-silicone chemistry for controlling foam during sugar manufacturing processes. These are liquid concentrated, food grade defoamer with specially excellent performance that can be used for a wide variety of industrial foam control including specially for cane sugar juice, syrup and fermentation processes.

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    Antifoam & Defoamers

    AVIFOAM* AF100 Combination of natural fatty acid esters with neutral carriers

    AviFoam* AF100 food grade 100% active universal  antifoamer can be used for a wide variety of  industrial foam control including especially for cane sugar juice, syrup and fermentation processes. This product can practically be used in all areas of inside operations. From the extraction phase to liming, sulfitation, evaporation and right up to the sugar end the product has proved most successful. It Is immediate effect at low concentration and long active in preventing new foam formation. 

    AVIFOAM* AF100+ Modified PAG with alkylpolyalcoxyester

    AviFoam*AF100+ is a versatile synthetic defoamer used in sugar/fermentation processes at temperatures from 25°C to 80°C either in acid or alkaline media. It is especially suitable for the sugar cane syrup or molasses. It provides an excellent knock down effect on the foam and a good persistence of the antifoaming action.

    AVIFOAM* AF303 Poly Glycol Esters of Vegetable Oils

    AviFoam*AF303 an antifoaming agent for molasses storage based on Hi-tech and Hi-efficiency quality products to meet the desired standards. AviFoam*AF303 are admixed with the foaming media initially itself while charging, which arrest / off sets the foaming characteristics of molasses.

    AVIFOAM* DF10S 10% dimethylpolysiloxane emulsion

    AviFoam* DF10S is a food-grade antifoam emulsion prevents foam in food and industrial processes, non-ionic in nature is stable in all the probable operational parameters. It may be added at a suitable point just before the stage where foam is generated, or where foaming problem is encountered, to keep foaming within tolerable limits.

    AVIFOAM* DF20S 20% polyether & polymethylsiloxane

    AviFoam*DF20S is a highly effective antifoam which has been made to kosher standards, developed by a special process of synthesizing which has efficient knockdown defoaming and long time foam suppressing effects. AviFoam*DF20S good dispersibility in water system, it could adsorb on the surface of foam to reduce foam surface tension so as to break foam quickly.

    AVIFOAM* DF22 Terminally blocked polyethoxlated Fatty alcohol

    AviFoam*DF22 is a non-silicone multi-purpose defoamer, low volatile, easy to disperse, strong spreading power and surface attraction and orientation. Due to AviFoam*DF22 unique emulsification system, it combines excellent dilution stability with effective defoaming efficiency in a wide range of applications. AviFoam*DF22 can be used to suppress and control foam in both hot and cold applications over a wide pH range.